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How To Make Your Very Own Gossip Girl Blog!

gossip girl blog

I watched the hit TV series, Gossip Girl back in high school, but haven even had a passion for writing alone, talk more of going on to study Mass communication at Caleb University, my biggest regret was creating my own Gossip girl blog in my University, and I’ll tell you how and why.   Gossip […]

Would You Buy The New Infinix Hot 6 X?

infinix hot 6 x

There’s a new kid on the block people, and it’s the new Infinix Hot 6 X! I like to see the Infinix Hot 6 X as the immediate older brother (or sister if you will) to the Infinix Hot S3X (the first to copy and paste the iPhone X design word for word.). Other techies […]

How To Cook Rice While Driving (Seriously!)

Audi A8 5.5

How To Cook Rice While Driving??? (Richard, what the F were you thinking?) This has to rank number one of the stupidest headlines I’ve come up with since the inception of this blog, lolz … But the sheer idiocy of it sure did get your attention . Because as ridiculous as it looks, it’s true. You can […]

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