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Here’s How To Make A DIY Laptop Stand From PVC In Just 3 Steps.

If you don’t want to buy (or rather you can’t afford ūüėĄ) a typical Laptop stand, this DIY Laptop stand made with PVC is gonna be just perfect for you!

And for those of you wondering what exactly a PVC pipe is, it’s short for¬†polyvinyl chloride and is used for plumbing, construction, drainage works etc. Check underneath your kitchen sink. There’s definitely one or two tucked in there somewhere.

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So here’s all the ingredients you need to build your own PVC Laptop stand:

Diy laptop stand , PVC laptop stand

DIY Laptop Stand Checklist

1). 5 PVC pipes, 22mm in diameter, 1 22cm long, 2 20cm, 2 8cm long.

2). 6 90 degrees PVC pipe connectors or PVC elbows if you prefer.

3). A spray paint can of whatever color turns you on (in this case, mine’s Pink. I know what you’re thinking so stop right there ūüėĀ).

4). Super glue

5). A sharp knife to cut your pipes.

6). Your Laptop (obviously ūüėĄ)

Got your checklist all checked? Great! Now down to the fun part.

Step #1: Apply glue and join the longer PVCs by means of the PVC connectors to the smaller ones as you see in the picture above.

Note that the longest pipe should be the one at the base of our contraption while the 2 20cm pipes should be side by side. It should be upon here the Laptop ought to sit.

Step #2: By now I expect all the PVCs to be co joined. Whip out your spray can and spray the life outta that PVC Laptop stand to-be.

Step #3: Tada! Your new DIY Laptop stand is up and running!

Pvc laptop stand,  DIY laptop stand

No more overheated Laptops!

Got any questions, contributions or just pure rants? Leave your comments below.


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