The Performance S Motorhome Looks Like A Typical Bus From Outside. But Wait Till You Step In.

I’m going to give it to you straight – the Performance S Motorhome is a $1.7 million dollar beast-on-wheels, and that means a lot of you can only dream of taking this bad boy for a spin.

Performance S Motorhome

At $1.7 million (approximately N680 million in Naira, as per N400/$1), the price of the Performance S Motorhome will most certainly buy you a mansion in Banana Island and change will remain (think Linda Ikeji’s Mansion) – plenty.

Performance S Motorhome
Credit: Volkner Mobil

Made by German company, Volkner Mobil, the Performance S Motorhome is easily a 40 feet long, 5 star hotel on wheels, and might I add, it’s not your typical Caravan.

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Performance S Motorhome
The Motorhome comes with a sitting room.

This bad boy comes loaded with a double bed, a kitchen, heated bathroom and a living area equiped with top-of-the-range entertainment systems in form of a flat screen and 3D sound surround speakers.

But if that’s not enough for you to warrant a huge payout running into 9 zeros, here’s the punchline:

Performance S motorhome

You can park a vehicle inside the Performance S Motorhome!

Performance S Motorhome

The motorhome comes with a garage fitted with a state-of-the-art electrohydraulic lift that let’s you park any automobile sedan.

Talk about parking a vehicle inside a vehicle.

Features of the Performance S motorhome

Performance S Motorhome
This is the bedroom…

The bedroom comes fitted with wooden and leather fitting as well as  built-in wardrobes as you can see on the far end.

Performance S motorhome
The kitchen comes with a dishwasher and fully stocked cabinet.

The kitchen on the other hand spots a dishwasher with a fully stocked cabinet of glassware.

Performance S motorhome

The bathroom on board has a water heater.

Performance S motorhome

And last but not the least, you ought to take a look at the driver’s side of the motorhome. You might agree that it probably does resemble the cockpit of a plane.

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Image credit: Eagle Headline

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